Cooking at home can be easy, delicious, and help you avoid the hidden calories and ingredients you'll find in restaurant meals. Consult your 20/20 LifeStyles dietitian with any questions about these recipes.

Stuffed Zucchini with Ground Turkey (Stage 2)

This recipe is a wonderful way to incorporate protein and veggies in a warm, flavorful, hearty dish!

Thin Crust Pizza (Stage 7)

This thin crust pizza will satisfy the craving! Make sure to pair it with plenty of protein. Try a side salad with grilled chicken or a 20/20 shake. Have a family pizza night where everyone decorates their own tortilla pizza crust!

Turkey Chili (Stage 6)

Garnish this delicious chili with non-fat sour cream, grated cheddar and green onions.

Turkey Reuben Sandwich (Stage 7)

Serve with a side salad to add few more vegetable servings to your meal.



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