June 13, 2014|Written by Clark Masterson
Afraid of Looking like a Bodybuilder?

A couple weeks ago I wrote an article about looking like celebrities. The moral of that story was this: if you want a ridiculous physique you have to train a ridiculous amount and eat ridiculous foods. This aforementioned topic leads nicely to a commonly cited fitness fallacy: dancing gives you muscles like a dancer, and bodybuilding gives you muscles like a bodybuilder.


August 23, 2013|Written by Clark Masterson
What is Cardio and Why is it Important?

Lately I have addressed this issue with many folks who want to lose weight, but only want to lift weights. They hear things like, “weight training increases your metabolism, cardio keeps it low.” Read on to learn the differences and what is right for your body.


August 16, 2013|Written by Clark Masterson
Free Weights or Machine Weights?

There are so many options of equipment in the weight room. What is the most effective to use?



Katie lost 55 lbs



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