November 1, 2016|Written by Andy Miller
Surviving SeaTac: Eating Healthy in an Airport

Imagine this scenario: You are in the airport and have NO food with you. No random squished protein bar in the bottom of your purse, no tiny bag of emergency almonds. Your dietitian gave you a list of ideas of snacks you could bring along, but in your chaotic whirlwind of packing you lost the list and didn’t even think to go to the grocery store. You are stuck inside the concourse at SeaTac Airport. You are hungry, and your flight doesn’t leave for 3 hours. Panic begins to set in as your stomach begins to growl. Relax, I am here to help.


November 12, 2015|Written by Jennifer Martin
Thanksgiving Posts Roundup

Thanksgiving is a time for thanks AND a time for fear for those working through healthy goals. But there is hope and we have tips, recipes, and even workouts for you!


November 22, 2013|Written by Clark Masterson
Turkey Day 500

The average calories consumed on Thanksgiving Day is 3,000 to 4,000 calories. In this blog I will tell you how you can do a simple workout for a ridiculous number of repetitions. The “500” series is a style of exercise routines that are simple and repetitive, and they can be very challenging. The 500 series and Thanksgiving go together like peas and carrots.


November 20, 2013|Written by Amanda Wood
Healthy Holiday Tradeoffs

Start a new tradition this year by replacing (at least) one high-fat holiday menu item with a healthful, low-fat menu item.



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