May 18, 2016|Written by Erika Brown
Nutrition for Your First Half Marathon (Race and Training)

The Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Half and Full Marathons are one month away! If you are training for it or another long race this summer, we have wisdom and tips for you!


May 9, 2014|Written by Nelson Lau
Are Vibrams the Answer to your Running Woes?

Running can be a wonderful experience. The "barefoot craze" has subsided, but could it still be useful?


February 21, 2014|Written by Clark Masterson
Weight Loss VS. Performance Goals

If you are a runner or endurance competitor, or are looking to lose weight through running, it is important to know that performance goals and weight goals are separate animals. Pick one or the other, and then get after it.


January 10, 2014|Written by Clark Masterson
Should you be running with minimalist shoes?

If you are familiar with running at all then you know that there are a ton of shoes out there to choose from. In this blog I will discuss different types of running shoes and what you should look for.





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