December 17, 2015|Written by Elaine Secilmis
Small Changes for a Better New Year

With all the craziness that comes with the holidays, it is no wonder why so many of us struggle with weight and succumb to the traditional New Year’s resolution: to lose weight. Despite the challenges, making small changes now may make your resolutions a bit easier. See if any of these personalities resonate with you and use the tips provided to keep yourself healthy throughout the holiday season and beyond!


June 25, 2014|Written by Erika Brown
The Easiest Summer Recipes

Who says the slow cooker is only for the cooler winter months? We love using it all year round, as it's versatile and extremely easy - making it perfect for people looking to eat healthy on-the-go. Here are a few recipes (two stage 1 and one stage 7) to try this week!


May 28, 2014|Written by Erika Brown
BBQ Mocktails & Desserts

Grilling is in full swing with sunshine and summer approaching. This means protein and veggies are easy- BBQ & done! But what to serve alongside these to make a complete meal for your family or guests can be tricky. Here are a few beverages and desserts to try alongside your BBQ favorites this season!


February 12, 2013|Written by Erika Brown
Lite Valentine's Day Treats

Are you and your honey looking for some lighter Valentine's Day treats that will satisfy without the guilt? Here are a few easy, light and most of all delicious dessert ideas!



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