December 21, 2017|Written by Andy Miller
Happy New Year ... go back to bed!

New Year’s Resolutions are the worst. Primarily, we come up with things that are impossible to sustain. For example, when we can’t maintain our goal of waking up at 4:00 am to get to the insanity boot camp class at 5:00 am every morning, we feel like a failure, and it’s only January 10th. Here is the issue. Most of us have resolutions regarding health and fitness. Making changes to improve our health is wonderful! What I am going to discuss today, is that many of these goals fail, because to make time for our new fitness or health plan, we deduct time from our sleep schedule. Sleep is imperative for both your physical and mental health, and that is what we are going to discuss today. So, Happy New Year! Go back to bed.


November 16, 2017|Written by Andy Miller
5 Quick Ways to Reduce Your Stress

We all have stress. It is an everyday reality that many of us live with. Whether it be due to a mentally taxing schedule, physically demanding job, or getting stuck in rush hour traffic, many individuals feel like their stress is an opponent that they battle with just to get through their day.


June 23, 2017|Written by Andy Miller
Dysbiosis and Your Brain

Last time we left off discussing how dysbiosis is related to disease. Today we are going to discuss how your gut bacteria is related to your brains and mood. To establish this connection, let’s take an imaginary trip to the gut.


May 28, 2013|Written by Ilene Glantz
Self-Defeating Beliefs

Have you ever caught yourself having a self-defeating belief? It's that attitude that is always with you; it is part of your personal philosophy, your value system. Well it's time to acknowledge them and determine if these are healthy or not.



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