July 9, 2014|Written by Erika Brown
No Time to Grocery Shop?

No time to head to the grocery store this week? Struggling to cook more and dine out less? Try this alternative way to shop - even just for a few staple items- to save time and hassle each week!


May 21, 2014|Written by Erika Brown
Is Your Weight Loss Slowing?

A slower rate of weight loss can be frustrating. You can feel like you're doing all the right things and yet something just doesn't add up. Read on for more info on 4 of the things that may be holding you back from your goals so you can do something about it!


May 14, 2014|Written by Erika Brown
Eat More to Lose More

If you ask us, being overly hungry is the #1 thing to avoid when trying to lose weight. That is why we follow our high-satiety meal plan! If you are experiencing hunger, try this trick to see if it helps you eat more food but lose unwanted calories (and likely more weight.)


March 12, 2014|Written by Erika Brown
Online Recipe Index(es)

20/20 Lifestyles strives to provide you with new, healthy, easy and interesting recipes often. But if you are in the mood to explore even more recipes online, here are a few other sites that we draw inspiration from that you can use, too!





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