October 4, 2016|Written by Admin
Fall Roundup

Fall is here and it is time to refresh on the best recipes and ideas that celebrate the season but don't set you back nutritionally. Here are our favorite fall posts from our awesome dietitian team!


November 1, 2013|Written by Clark Masterson
Halloween Workout: The Deck of Doom

It is Halloween and the spooky creatures are about! You might not be afraid of the ghosts and goblins but you should be afraid of zombies and evil clowns! You better be prepared for all of the potential scares and terror by keeping yourself in prime physical condition. Nothing is worse for a zombie than a very fit adversary.


October 23, 2013|Written by Amanda Wood
A Fright-less Halloween Treat List, Part 2

Last week's healthy treats gave you a taste of a little something sweet, while maintaining healthy balance. This week we are featuring a few treats for the salty side of the season. And yes- they, too, are healthy!


October 16, 2013|Written by Amanda Wood
A Fright-Less Halloween Treat List

Halloween can be a 'fright' for your reward center and waistline. Here's a few ideas for more natural and healthful Halloween treats to keep you in balance!



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