June 23, 2017|Written by Andy Miller
Dysbiosis and Your Brain

Last time we left off discussing how dysbiosis is related to disease. Today we are going to discuss how your gut bacteria is related to your brains and mood. To establish this connection, let’s take an imaginary trip to the gut.


June 19, 2017|Written by Andy Miller
Dysbiosis and Disease

In our previous blog about probiotics and gut bacteria we discussed how the term dysbiosis simply means our gut bacteria is out of balance. This means that we either have a low microbe count in our GI tract or an excess of bad bacteria compared to good bacteria. We discussed causes of dysbiosis: such as poor diet, high stress, and excessive antibiotic use. Today we are going to discuss the implications and common diseases and health conditions associated with dysbiosis...


June 9, 2017|Written by Andy Miller
What Is Dysbiosis?

Now we have discussed what a probiotic is and the benefits of taking one last week. Let’s move a step further and ask ourselves, do I need one? Also, how will I be able to assess the health of my gut?



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