September 24, 2014|Written by Erika Brown
Always Craving Something Sweet after Dinner?

We've all been there: set down our dinner fork, pushed our plate aside and thought, "I could go for something sweet right now." That sweet-treat-after-I-eat habit may be something you want to break if you're watching your waistline or calories. Here's a few tips to help you change this common habit!


July 11, 2014|Written by Clark Masterson
4 Exercises That Don’t Do What You Think They Do

Are you doing crunches because you want to challenge your stomach muscles, or kettlebells for your shoulders? How about leg lifts for those lower abs? Although all of these are great exercises they may not be doing what you think. Read on to learn what these exercises are really doing.


March 26, 2014|Written by Erika Brown
How Dietitians Handle Cravings

Dietitians are human too, right? Most of the time at least :) All jokes aside- we all experience cravings at times. Some are harder than others. Here are a few tips from a few of our Dietitians on how to stay sane and curb cravings when they arise. Maybe one of their ideas will work for you!


December 26, 2012|Written by Erika Brown
Curb Holiday Craving "Hangovers"

Have that lingering sweet tooth and ever-growling stomach from the holidays? Go back to basics for better balance with these tips!





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