November 11, 2015|Written by DR. MARK DEDOMENICO
I have to workout how long if I eat this?

Have you ever wondered, "If I eat this, how much cardio do I have to do later on to burn this off?" With so many food choices out there, I thought it would be fun to put it all in perspective.


September 11, 2013|Written by Erika Brown
Cutting Unwanted Calories

Cutting calories without getting hungry can seem challenging. But cutting calories from this popular source is one of the most effective and satisfying ways to go about it! To what cal-source am I referring? Read on to find out!


August 14, 2013|Written by Erika Brown
Healthier Happy Hour

Happy Hour can be a fun time to catch up with friends and co-workers. But opting for traditional happy hour food and beverages can mean a huge calorie intake. Here's how to navigate your Happy Hour menu options in a nutritionally-savvy way!


June 7, 2013|Written by Nelson Lau
If I eat this, how much cardio..?

If you drink a latte, how many calories do you consume and how long would it take to burn off those extra calories? What about a cheeseburger? What about ice cream?





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