April 20, 2016|Written by Jennifer Martin
Get to Know Diana Davis - The Best Support Team Member

We are continuing our series of Getting to Know the 20/20 staff. Today's post is so exciting because it is with Diana Davis our 20/20 Alumni Coordinator. But really her title doesn't say enough about how great of a support team member Diana is, she is really really rooting for you and has the resources to help you stay on track or kickstart your healthy goals again. She knows everyone and every activity and program at the gym and if you find the rare questions she doesn't know the answer to, she will find who does! Read on to learn more about why Diana is the best person for you to talk to about anything 20/20 related!


March 11, 2016|Written by Jennifer Martin
Heather's Success Story

We are so excited to introduce you to Heather, an alumni of the 20/20 Lifestyles Program who finished in November 2014 and has been working hard at maintenance since that time.


April 8, 2015|Written by Erika Brown
7 Things Successful 20/20 Alum Have in Common

Ever wonder what makes someone successful in 20/20? Want to emulate their success and make it your own? Read our latest blog to learn the 7 things they have in common


July 1, 2012|Written by DR. MARK DEDOMENICO
“Just Keep Going”: Five Tips to Help You Stick with Your Exercise Plan

If you're currently in the 20/20 program or have recently completed it here are five pointers to help keep the excuses away and to keep you motivated to keep working out on a consistent basis.



Katie lost 55 lbs



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