July 29, 2015|Written by Erika Brown
A Days’ Worth of Stage 2 Foods

Who said you have to be hungry when trying to lose weight? Here is one days worth of food on our meal plan, were participants lost 6-14 pounds in 21 days with diet alone.


January 23, 2015|Written by Anna Willard
Are you in "Maintenance" mode?

Once you have reached your ultimate weight loss goal do you simply maintain your current weight and be in “maintenance mode?” or do you set bigger goals for yourself?


October 10, 2014|Written by Clark Masterson
Diets and Expectations: Part 1 - How to protect yourself from getting duped

It is estimated that 85 million women and 15 million men will try some sort of weight loss product or diet each year. But why don’t they succeed? While this question has a number of pieces that contribute to the answer, we will be addressing just one: expectations. Or rather, unrealistic expectations.


August 27, 2014|Written by Erika Brown
Tips to Save Big (in Calories) at Restaurants

Dining out is best kept to a minimum, but sometimes it just isn't realistic to say you can avoid it completely. Here are our top 8 favorite easy (and effective!) tricks to save big on your total calories when eating at a restaurant.





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