April 11, 2014|Written by Clark Masterson
How to Avoid a Plateau

Have you ever noticed that after a stint of working out, your results seem to slow down? you might also notice that your rate of strength increases also slow down. These plateaus can be annoying, but there is a very simple way to avoid them.


November 8, 2013|Written by Lindsay Exley
Strength Training for Women: How not to get "Big"

Ladies, are you afraid of putting on too much muscle mass? This week we address the myth of "getting bulky."


June 28, 2013|Written by Clark Masterson
Can Strength Training Burn Fat?

Strength training is important for building muscles, but can it burn fat as well?


May 17, 2013|Written by Nelson Lau
Strength training reduces blood pressure

Do you have high blood pressure? Strength training can help to reduce blood pressure over time. But, the wrong type of strength training can increase your blood pressure. In this blog we discuss the difference.





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