July 29, 2015|Written by Erika Brown
A Days’ Worth of Stage 2 Foods

Who said you have to be hungry when trying to lose weight? Here is one days worth of food on our meal plan, were participants lost 6-14 pounds in 21 days with diet alone.


April 22, 2015|Written by Erika Brown
3 Day Meal Plan for a Female in Stage 2

Needing a reset? Get back on track with your hunger, cravings and energy levels by doing 3 days of stage 2. Here is a sample meal plan you can follow, or use as a guide.


December 18, 2012|Written by Erika Brown
Lower Calorie "Carbs"

Looking for a grain substitute for your favorite dish that is stage 1-6 friendly? These alternatives make great substitutes for your favorite dishes!


October 1, 2012|Written by DR. MARK DEDOMENICO
Stage 2: Bring on the Vegetables!

After a week of lean protein and shakes, I bet you were never so excited about vegetables! Stage 2 will bring a burst of flavor, color and texture with the introduction of vegetables to your meal plan.



Katie lost 55 lbs



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