August 2, 2013|Written by Clark Masterson
Goals that Matter

Why do you want to be fit and healthy? Do you have a goal? I bet you do, but I am willing to bet it is not the real reason you are exercising.


July 8, 2013|Written by Peter Kaperick
Be Proud of Your Behaviors

When making changes in life there are a lot of moving parts and some are predictable. Whether the change is around your health, your career, relationships or financial goals most processes for change involve some of the same elements.


June 5, 2013|Written by Erika Brown
My #1 Diet Recommendation

I've often been asked about the "one thing" I would recommend people do to get healthier with their diet. This is such an interesting and complicated question! But I know what my answer would be...


May 6, 2013|Written by Peter Kaperick
Monitor and Adjust to Stay on Track

To have success in any long term endeavor you need a lot of things. You need a plan, support, motivation and knowledge to name a few! Read this blog for some helpful tips to help you stay on track by monitoring and adjusting to ensure your success!





Katie lost 55 lbs



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