July 17, 2013|Written by Erika Brown
Top 5 Solutions to Nutrition Challenges

Having a hard time making healthy changes with your meal plan? Here are my top five nutrition 'challenges', and solutions for how to make them easier!


May 6, 2013|Written by Peter Kaperick
Monitor and Adjust to Stay on Track

To have success in any long term endeavor you need a lot of things. You need a plan, support, motivation and knowledge to name a few! Read this blog for some helpful tips to help you stay on track by monitoring and adjusting to ensure your success!


October 8, 2012|Written by DR. MARK DEDOMENICO
Monitor Thy Self

Very consistent self-monitoring, even if inaccurate, greatly improves the effectiveness of weight control. However, consistent and accurate self-monitoring is even more useful and effective in weight loss.


July 1, 2012|Written by DR. MARK DEDOMENICO
“Just Keep Going”: Five Tips to Help You Stick with Your Exercise Plan

If you're currently in the 20/20 program or have recently completed it here are five pointers to help keep the excuses away and to keep you motivated to keep working out on a consistent basis.



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