July 22, 2016|Written by Admin
Monthly Maintenance

Our Monthly Maintenance Program is in full swing and the reviews are great! Folks say it is tough and kicks their butts but is working and helpful! The trainers are great, the dietitians are stellar, and meeting other folks through the 20/20 program is creating friendships. Now is the time to sign up for the August Monthly Maintenance Program!


May 9, 2016|Written by Erika Brown
The Single Most Important Thing for Successful Weight Maintenance

Is there anything more difficult than weight loss? The honest answer, perhaps unfortunately, is yes, weight maintenance. But it is possible and the fight for it is worth it. Our dietitian Erika shares more!


August 27, 2015|Written by Erika Brown
What a Maintenance Meal Plan Actually Looks Like

We often get this question: “So, what changes with my diet when I reach my goal weight?” Answers to such a question will undoubtedly change from person to person. That being said there are a few things that ‘maintainers’ share in common. These few things can give you the structure and specificity you need to feel successful in transitioning to this phase.


January 23, 2015|Written by Anna Willard
Are you in "Maintenance" mode?

Once you have reached your ultimate weight loss goal do you simply maintain your current weight and be in “maintenance mode?” or do you set bigger goals for yourself?





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