January 8, 2015|Written by Erika Brown
Why Your New Year's Resolution Shouldn't Be Weight Loss

It's the first week of January, which means work, school and resolutions are in full swing. If you're thinking of committing to 'losing weight' as your New Year's goal, great. But you can do better. Here are a few resolutions that'll really make you celebrate 2015


January 3, 2014|Written by Clark Masterson
How to Make Your Resolution Last

Did you make a resolution this year? Would you like to make it last? Instead of resolving to hit a goal, resolve to make some smaller changes.


January 25, 2013|Written by Clark Masterson
5 Easy Exercise Habits

Habits make you the person you are. Want to be a healthy person?.. You must have healthy habits. In this blog post you will learn 5 simple habits that will help you commit to exercise and make the most of your workouts.


August 1, 2012|Written by DR. MARK DEDOMENICO
21 Days to Success: How to break that Sedentary Lifestyle

It can be hard to get back into the swing of things if you have not been exercising regularly. However, everyday it will get easier and soon enough you will be effortlessly completing your workout that you struggled with before.



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