August 12, 2019|Written by DR. MARK DEDOMENICO
BUSTED: 3 Terrible Myths About Weight Loss

Weight is a serious problem in the United States. Approximately 54% of American adults are currently trying to reduce theirs, although few succeed without extensive support. With so many websites, commercials, and books pushing certain diets and lifestyle changes, it can be hard to tell fact from a gimmick. Let's take a look at some of the worst myths about weight loss that are going around and (erroneously) gaining popularity.


July 10, 2019|Written by DR. MARK DEDOMENICO
Do You Need to Lose Weight?

If you think you are one of those people who denies that they need to get on some type of weight loss program, then read on below for a few signs that you need to lose those extra pounds in order to be your ideal weight.


July 8, 2019|Written by DR. MARK DEDOMENICO
Get What Your Truly Need in a Weight Loss Program

There’s no doubting the value of weight management. Rather than being just a few extra uncomfortable pounds, excess weight carries legitimate risks. In fact, dropping between 5% and 10% of your weight has been proven to lower your chance of developing heart disease. This is just one of the many benefits of choosing a weight loss program. However, what should you look for in order to figure out which one best fits your needs? Are all weight loss programs essentially the same? No. There are significant attributes that the right weight loss program will have that others may lack. We will take a look at what a program needs to have in order to help you live a healthier lifestyle.


July 5, 2019|Written by DR. MARK DEDOMENICO
Four Medical Conditions Treated by Exercise Physiologists

Here are four examples of different medical conditions and some of the ways that exercise physiologist treat individuals with them.





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