October 11, 2016|Written by Kimberly Richardson
Is 20/20 Lifestyles for the Whole Family?

At Pro Sports Club's 20/20 Lifestyles program we have many clients enrolled who have a house full of other people besides them. Often these clients have questions about how to make our program work for their whole family. The last thing busy parents need is preparing different foods for themselves and their kids! No client needs to be making mac and cheese for the kids and a salad for themselves; the temptation is so great to fall back into old habits!


August 11, 2016|Written by Kimberly Richardson
Grocery Shopping for Success

Everyone goes to the grocery store. Some of us go just once a week, while others may go nearly every day. Each of these trips into the store is a chance to make very healthy meal choices or less healthy choices. These choices can set up your week so that you are feeling your best and eating the most nutritious foods possible...


June 15, 2016|Written by Kimberly Richardson

On the road to weight loss there will be pitfalls and setbacks. Life will happen and weight loss will slow or begin to slowly creep up. In these times, when life is pushing your health goal priorities further down the list, it’s important to practice self-understanding. When our thoughts begin to turn negative toward ourselves, we run the risk of undoing all of our good efforts.


June 9, 2016|Written by Kimberly Richardson
Help! My Child Won't Eat!

In the day to day work of eating right ourselves, the desire to see our kids eat right is a big one. We want them to start life right. So when they won't eat, stress and power struggles can creep in. One of our dietitians, Kimberly Richardson, gives us helpful tips on kids who won't eat.



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