December 17, 2015|Written by Elaine Secilmis
Small Changes for a Better New Year

With all the craziness that comes with the holidays, it is no wonder why so many of us struggle with weight and succumb to the traditional New Year’s resolution: to lose weight. Despite the challenges, making small changes now may make your resolutions a bit easier. See if any of these personalities resonate with you and use the tips provided to keep yourself healthy throughout the holiday season and beyond!


July 2, 2015|Written by Elaine Secilmis
Healthy Food Holidays

Last month people all over the US celebrated National Doughnut Day. This got me thinking… are there any days that celebrate healthy foods? Well guess what, there are. Mark your calendars ladies and gents and let’s make these nutritional rock star holidays trendy!



Katie lost 55 lbs



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