May 25, 2016|Written by Marissa Beck
Indulge! You’re on Vacation

What if indulging meant pure enjoyment without judgment? What if it meant giving yourself the permission to satisfy your craving without being scared of eating every bite?


December 7, 2015|Written by Marissa Beck
The Skinny on Artificial Sweeteners

We all crave a little bit of sweetness from time to time, but perhaps not with all of the added sugar. That’s where artificial sweeteners might come into play, also known as, “non-nutritive sweeteners,” “high intensity sweeteners,” or “sugar substitutes.” Many benefit from their use for weight management, diabetic management, and dental care, such as in the use of chewing gum, since they provide zero calories and carbohydrates. But, are they all safe to use and how much is too much?


October 29, 2015|Written by Marissa Beck
4 Low Carb Pasta Alternatives

Looking for low-carb pastas that won’t pack on the winter pounds? Pasta can be healthy when eaten in a sensible way (but ‘moderation’ and ‘pasta’ don’t tend to go hand-in-hand). We enlisted our 20/20 Registered Dietitians to share their top low-carb pasta alternatives that will help fix any pasta craving.


May 21, 2015|Written by Marissa Beck
Eating for Exercise

Whether a newbie gym-goer or avid exerciser, you are an athlete. As an athlete, your sports nutrition plan (or lack thereof) can drastically impact the way you train, perform and recover. Learn the best foods to eat pre and post workout to achieve your optimal results.



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