June 1, 2016|Written by Sarah Lawson
One Skillet Dish by Sarah

Quick and easy are two adjectives that come to mind when describing the perfect weeknight dinner. As well as delicious, family friendly, and well, nutritious! Providing a wholesome meal in less than 20 minutes may sound impossible, but not improbable. All you need to create a fast and tasty dish is some ground meat, non-starchy vegetables, and a little bit of creativity. The following recipe takes less than a half hour to put together and a simple dinner you can modify to fit any Stage!


May 27, 2016|Written by Sarah Lawson
Warm Weather, Cool Meals

As we approach Memorial Day weekend, we also approach the unofficial start of Summer. With warmer days, longer nights, Seattleites crave more time outdoors and less time in the kitchen. Well the following is the recipe for you! An inexpensive, 20 minute meal that does not use an oven, copycat recipe of a popular chain restaurant favorite, and the cold leftovers taste even better than when it’s first made? Yes, please! Considering adding Asian Chicken Lettuce wraps to your summer recipe arsenal. Everyone in your family will thank you. Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps


May 13, 2016|Written by Sarah Lawson
Farmer’s Market Finds

With spring in the air and warmer weather amongst us, a new season for Farmer’s Markets in our local area begins. Not only can you find the freshest of the fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers at the Farmer’s Market, but exposure to unique treats you may not have known existed! If you’re craving variety and looking to add new produce to your meal plan, take a risk by purchasing something you are unfamiliar with.


January 7, 2016|Written by Sarah Lawson
Nutrition and Seasonal Affective Disorder

Have the dark, drizzly days got you feeling down? Are you experiencing less energy this time of year than your normal, vibrant self? You aren’t alone. It is estimated ~20% of the population suffers from the condition Seasonal Affective Disorder - otherwise known as SAD. It is a condition that can trigger depression symptoms to appear in the winter months.





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