August 12, 2013|Written by Cassie Kinson
What’s Your Relationship with Food?

How would you describe your relationship with food? Has it been your best friend, your comfort, a stress reliever, a tool for procrastination or avoidance, your reward for a hard day or a pick me up when you’re down?


June 24, 2013|Written by Cassie Kinson
Food as Fuel and as Pleasure

Food has both the qualities of being the fuel to your body, yet also being enjoyable and tasty. Finding the right balance between the two of these qualities in your relationship with food will help you to find a realistic healthy lifestyle.


April 29, 2013|Written by Cassie Kinson
Self Compassion and Health

You might be asking yourself what do these two things have to do with each other? Well, the truth is they are closely connected! Read this blog to learn how to treat yourself with compassion to improve your overall health.


March 11, 2013|Written by Cassie Kinson
Being Healthy Isn't Always Convenient

Lets face it being healthy isn’t always the most convenient thing. However, with time and preparation you can still live a healthy lifestyle.



Katie lost 55 lbs



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