October 2, 2018
These Effective Exercises Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

custom weight loss programThere's no denying the major role that physical activity plays in overall weight loss. While eating better has its health benefits as well, in order to transform your life, you need to build muscle and more importantly, become devoted to a more active lifestyle. Here are just a few basic exercises to try for those who are just beginning on their weight loss journey.


Jogging is one of the best cardio exercises, and it's easy to get started without putting too much strain on your body. You can even start by brisk walking and slowly turning it into a jog. As you develop your skills endurance, try jogging in areas that have different inclines. Typically, jogging a 10-minute mile will burn between 566 and 839 calories. Plus, you'll continue to burn even more calories as the day goes on. So now's a better time than ever to, quite literally, hit the ground running!

Jumping Rope

Jump rope is no longer just for kids -- it's a fun activity that can seriously benefit your heart health. There are countless resources available online to provide specific guidance or workout lessons, or you can simply but on your favorite songs and jump along to the beat. As you develop your skills and speed, you may want to invest in a weighted jump rope, which provides your arms and shoulders with an additional workout.


Kickboxing is great for those who want a unique experience, or maybe have a bit of pent up aggression and want to release it in a healthy way. You don't need to take a class, either; you can learn basic skills online. Just make sure to take the advice of Women's Health Mag writers Macaela MacKenzie and Ashley Mateo:

"Whether you’re kicking it on your own or in class, make sure you keep the rest periods between rounds of jabs and kicks super short. Aim for 30 seconds of rest for every 90 seconds of sparring."

Health problems associated with obesity are the second leading cause of preventable death, behind smoking. While these activities are great for burning calories, it's best to consult a professional to find a custom weight loss program that has your needs in mind. For more information about custom weight loss programs, contact 20/20 LifeStyles.

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