May 31, 2017
What is a Probiotic?

  Probiotics have become a buzz word in the health world but do you know what they are and how they can help? A probiotic is a live strain of good bacteria, or a few different types of strains of good bacteria. You can consume them in many forms: pill, beverage, or food.

  Your gut is populated with over 100 trillion bacteria. There are hundreds of types of bacteria and some are good and some bad. Your health, which we will go into more detail in during further blog posts, is dramatically affected by the types of bacteria you have in your gut, and the amount of each type you have. Moreover, your health is affected by the ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria you have in your gut. Think of this like a scale. You want to make sure you have more good bacteria than bad bacteria in your gut. This is where a probiotic comes into help.

  A probiotic is helping your body by supplementing and filling the gut with good bacteria. A probiotic is made to survive the harsh, acidic conditions of your stomach to reach your small intestine. From there, this strain, or strains of good bacteria will colonize and grow. This can function to help out-populate the bad bacteria and help the beneficial strains flourish.  We will discuss in further blogs what happens when bad bacteria take charge, and overrun the GI tract, and we will also discuss what to do to heal the gut after taking antibiotics.

 20/20 Lifestyles has their own probiotics supplement you can buy at the Resource Center or at the front desk. You can even use your HSA or FSA card for them too. Our probiotics come with 100 Billion Colony Forming Units (CFUs) and can help you build and maintain a happy and healthy gut!


To read more of our Probiotics Blog Series: follow for What is Dysbiosis, Dysbiosis and Disease, Dysbiosis and Your Brain, and Rebuilding the Gut After Antibiotics.

Written by Andy Miller

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