June 13, 2017
What Do Dietitians Eat?


I was working from home and the normally sunny Georgia weather was gloomy, so I decided to replace my normal coffee and Power Crunch protein bar breakfast with something more exciting. I kept my normal coffee and almond milk (so tasty and low in sugar) and had some fruit and scrambled eggs. I have been on a pineapple kick lately and I save time and effort by buying small containers of them pre-cut at the grocery store. For my eggs, I scrambled two whole eggs in a small pan, then poured liquid egg whites in to fill the pan a bit more and add some extra volume and protein. I topped it with some sharp cheddar cheese for flavor, “dropped” some on the floor to appease my dog, and started my morning!

Breakfast Prep

I finished my coffee after 11am. I had two cups, I am a Seattleite and I can’t be blamed for this habit. So I wasn’t hungry for a mid-morning snack. Also, my breakfast was super high in protein. Another win there!



Since I was still at home (husband was at school and we have one car) I wasn’t extremely hungry, but I know I am prone to the afternoon grazing so I knew I needed to eat something. My motivation to cook something was low, so I made a salad from things I had in the fridge.


To start, I don’t like meals that take too much prep time. But I also want to eat healthfully and so does my husband. Keeping our fridge full of healthy, ready to eat, or easy to prep foods is something that makes my life much easier.  We always have mixed greens in the fridge and each week I buy a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and take the meat off the bone to store in a Tupperware. I call this Emergency Chicken. I don’t buy it for any specific meal but it always gets used for lunches, snacks, or dog bribery. For this salad I had some arugula, mixed greens, emergency chicken, Kalamata olives, pine nuts, leftover cooked farro (a tasty grain, cooks in 15 minutes- try it!), and a lemon vinaigrette dressing. It sounds fancy but it was easy, quick, and really tasty. Moreover, it was much prettier and more appetizing that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Late Afternoon

Skinny Cow Ice Cream. It’s delicious and I have a sweet tooth.



My dinner plans always involve two things, speed and potential for leftovers. As previously mentioned, if dinner takes more than 30-45 minutes to prep and execute I am simply not interested. Also if I am in the kitchen making a meal, it needs to be able to yield good leftovers. My husband brings leftovers for lunch regularly, so I make sure that the recipe I am making will have enough protein to make a few lunches for him.


This week he had asked for a tofu stir fry (imagine my shock and joy here!).  This is a great speedy dinner idea and healthy as well. At the store I found pre-chopped mixes of stir fry veggies (HUGE time saver, I won’t chop 8 types of vegetables, let’s be serious). And I also found some tofu with a teriyaki sauce packet. Total win in the ease department. Then I chopped a bell pepper and an onion (2 veggies is manageable), added the veggies, tofu and premade sauce to my wok and made a speedy dinner. The one modification I did make was adding another ½ block of firm tofu. With the full bag of veggies, and onion and pepper I added, the small tofu brick wasn’t enough protein for two meals plus leftovers so I added that extra. I left the microwavable rice packet for my husband if he wanted to add it on the side.


Overall, my day was colorful and delicious. My thoughts on meal prep comes down to a few things. A well-stocked refrigerator saves time and makes good food choices very easy on you. Also, know your limits on what you will and won’t do. For me, finding thinks like pre-cut fruit, rotisserie chickens, and the premade variety bags of stir fry veggies make my life SO MUCH easier. Find the easy time-savers that work for you and go for it!

Written by Andy Miller

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