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April 11, 2016
Meet Dr. Nehru
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Name and title: Dr. Padmini (Mini) Nehru, 20/20 Physician 

How long have you worked with 20/20: Almost seven years (2004-2009 and then 2014-current). 

What keeps you excited about the program: I love being part of a program that helps individuals become healthier through education and practical training. It is fulfilling to see patients achieve their metabolic and fitness goals. It is extremely rewarding to be thanked by a patient who says, for example…“ Thanks for all your help. Ineverthought I’d be able to walk one block to drop off and pick up my daughter from the grade school bus stop!”

What have you learned from successful clients: My successful clients are the ones who have ‘internalized’ the ‘Lifestyle’ piece of the 20/20 Lifestyles program. They continue to meal track regularly while maintaining an active exercise routine. They learned how to, healthfully, consume calorie dense and high glycemic index foods while they were in the program.

How do you maintain a healthy weight yourself: I did the 20/20 program in 2000 and learned that my body is sensitive to certain foods. I avoid those foods most of the time. I make sure I have three meals and a snack on a daily basis-consisting of mostly lean proteins, vegetables and fruit. I work out with a trainer 2-3 times a week and do cardio 2-3 times a week. Plus I weigh myself regularly and start meal tracking as soon as I hit my ‘yellow light number’. I also allow myself to have some of my favorite foods, for a maximum of one meal, during the week.

What new things are you learning that help you with your role: I learn new things from the conferences I attend and from our grand rounds which I share with my clients. Currently, I am more conscientious about recommending endocrinology work-up for patients with an increased TSH along with the ones who are symptomatic but have a normal TSH while on Levothyroxine. The combination therapy of Levothyroxine and Liothyronine is being shown to be more of an effective treatment for some patients of hypothyroidism.

Is there a story or success that sticks with you: I actually have a story that underscores the importance of maintaining the 20/20 Lifestyle well after the completion of the official program…

At his 16 week post-evaluation appointment, one of my ‘graduates’ was a bit concerned about the five pound weight increase he’d seen on his home scale. In reviewing his SECA results I pointed out to him that the five pounds of weight gain seen on his scale was actually reflective of a 10 pound lean body masslossin conjunction with a 15 pound fat massgain! He realized that not meal tracking, stopping all forms of exercise and resuming his old dietary patterns was what had caused this change in body composition.

That story helps underscore what I tell all my patients…That all of us who have gone through 20/20 will occasionally indulge in off-plan foods/behaviors. BUT knowing what to do to recover from these episodes and get back on to the “healthy lifestyle wagon’ is what’s truly important for long term maintenance.

Thanks Dr. Nehru!

Written by Jennifer Martin

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