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March 11, 2016
Heather's Success Story
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We are so excited to introduce you to Heather, an alumni of the 20/20 Lifestyles Program who finished in November 2014 and has been working hard at maintenance since that time. 

When did you go through the program: I was in the program from August to November 2014. 

Tell us about how you felt when you started: When I started I was skeptical! I wasn’t sure I would lose that much weight or be able to keep it off. I was really apprehensive about cutting out all sugar and white flour, because desserts and breads are what I loved. I was also reluctant to give up my Diet Coke. I didn’t want to say goodbye to those friends. 

How did you feel when the program ended:  I was impressed by how well the program worked and proud of myself for my accomplishments. The program was so much easier to follow than I thought it would be. Because different food groups are gradually added back in, the diet gets easier over time, unlike most diets which get harder to follow. And once I kicked my sugar habit, I found that I didn’t need it or miss it.

What keeps you excited about the program:  When I see old pictures of me or tried on old clothes that were now huge on me, I recognized the difference. I see that I am a different person now, inside and out, and that makes me see that my new lifestyle is worth it.

What have you learned from your success:  That I can do anything I put my mind to. That all my goals are achievable.

How do you maintain a healthy weight yourself:  The biggest thing for me is meal planning. I have everything planned and ready ahead of time. I know what I’m going to eat almost every day before it happens, so it takes the guess work and last minute decisions out of it. I also don’t like to waste food, so if I know food is prepared at home I am very unlikely to go out to eat on a whim.

How have you surprised yourself or achieved big goals:  I always wanted to be a runner, but I could never run more than 60 seconds. I thought it was a lost cause. At the end of 20/20 I started going to circuit training classes at the ProClub. I love Terry’s Wednesday class! One day I was on the treadmill in class and thought, “What if I just keep running the whole 10 minutes?” And then I did! Now I am training for a half marathon. When I look back, I can’t believe how far I’ve come. 

Anything else you would like to share with readers:  It is totally worth it to change your life and get healthy!

Thank you Heather, we are so excited for what is to come next for you on your health journey! 

Written by Jennifer Martin

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