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March 18, 2016
Staying Healthy on Spring Break
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Spring break is just around the corner. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you are headed out to somewhere sunny for a little R&R.

It is very normal to have some exceptions to your normal nutrition plan while travelling. Whether it is a celebratory meal out, a meal shared with family or a tradition that you share for that particular locale, there are plenty of opportunities to eat less healthy while away.

Here are my favorite tips for a ‘moderation-vacation’ (it sort of rhymes, right?). Try them out, and see if they help you feel more confident when you are getting ready to leave:

1- Keep 2 meals a day in check

If you are eating ahigh protein, veggie and fiber meal at least twice a day(think anything stage 1-7) it is much more manageable to maintain weight and keep more full through the day. This usually means breakfast and lunch, but it does not have to. For your ‘fun food meal’ of the day, pick one treat item: a small bit of dessert, starch, etc. and have plenty of water with it. Remember Elaine’s “3 bite trick”: it takes 3 bites to get the taste of something, enjoy it, and then finish off your palate with that flavor. More than 3 bites is usually not necessary for full appreciation of a fun food treat!

2- Walk, a lot!

Get evenmore steps when you are gone than you do at home. This will help you balance out the extra calories that will probably be sneaking in from restaurant meals. Follow the guidance of your trainer when it comes to your workout routine (remember, body bands and cardio are great options if you do not have access to a gym).

3- Pack snacks

Unless you are in an all-inclusive resort, you will want tohave some high protein snacks on the ready. Otherwise, it can be easy to overeat at the next meal. Tip: chocolate-covered protein bars can melt in the sun, so pack accordingly! Jerky, dried edamame or dried chickpeas make great shelf-stable options.

4- Listen to your body

When you are not the one preparing your meals (which happens more on vacation), it’s hard to really tell how many calories you are consuming. It also may not be realistic to track while you are away if you do not have access to the internet or your phone. So it becomes extra important to check-in with what your body tells you when it comes to hunger and fullness signals.

Most people find stage 2-4 to be very helpful when they return. It gets cravings and hunger reset, plus it can help you lose any extra water weight you may have from flying. Plan between 3-7 days for your reset upon your return for the most efficacy.

Enjoy your vacation. Those of us sticking around the Pacific Northwest will be jealous of all that Vitamin D you will be getting from the sun! Let us know if you find these tips helpful for maintaining weight and eating well while you vacation. Cheers! 

Written by Erika Brown

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