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June 22, 2016
Introducing Kimberly
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Name and title and specialties: Kimberly Richardson, MS, RD, CD. I specialize in weight loss, women, infants and children, as well as food allergies.

How long have you worked with 20/20: Two months and counting!

What makes you excited about the program: The 20/20 program is amazing! I love seeing the lab values for people when they start the program, compared to their values when they finish the program. There are always big improvements. We are teaching people how to live healthful lives.

What have you learned from successful clients: Successful clients are those people who are really honest about their struggles in the program. They are able to discover why they made less healthy choices in the past and break their own patterns. This empowers them to be very successful after their program has ended. 

How do you maintain a healthy weight yourself: I track my food every day! This allows me to have the healthiest choices 90% of the time and some less healthy choices 10% of the time, without gaining any weight.

What new things are you learning that help you with your role: There is so much to learn here! I have learned all about the different programs that we offer and other services the club provides to help our clients work towards their goals. And I have had some time to review the latest research too.

Is there a story or success that sticks with you: Every success story is different and I find them all so inspiring! People leaving our program have an increase in self-confidence and new knowledge that they get to take with them for life.

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