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July 8, 2016
Get to Know Andy
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Name and Title: Andy Miller, MS RD CD

How long have you worked with 20/20: Since November 2011.

What keeps you excited about the program: The program is always changing, there are always new clients, new people to meet, and new people to get excited with and excited about. 

What have you learned from successful clients: It’s not how fast people lose weight that matters to me, it’s how well they develop the really simple habits that determine their long term success. Habits like meal prepping on weekends, grocery shopping, what kind of healthy recipes they make for their family, ordering well at restaurants, taking walks, etc. that determines success. It comes down to the little things. You can’t eat a healthy dinner if the healthy food isn’t in the house first.

How do you maintain a healthy weight yourself: It’s all about balance. I like a healthy lifestyle with some fun indulgences here and there. 

What new things are you learning that help with your role: I try to be learning all the time! Helping to educate clients is fun. In order to educate on new nutrition topics I have to be at the forefront of my field knowledge wise! I have learned so much about gut bacteria relate to mood and GI disorders recently; it has been really interesting!

Is there a success story that sticks with you: Never underestimate anyone's ability to be successful. One of my very first clients told me, "Andy, I don't know how well this is going to go for me. I am not very good at this gym thing." She did wonderfully with the meal plan, took exercise at her own pace and lost about 70 lbs and kept it off!

Anything else you would like to share with your readers: Make high calorie indulgences worth the calories. Like bacon… totally worth the calories.

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