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July 14, 2016
How the 21 Day Challenge Saved My Knee and My Sanity
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Last November, I finally gave in and decided to get knee surgery. I had a 15 year old injury that I had been ignoring and decided it was finally time to get it fixed. My reticence to get surgery was all due to the fact that being laid up on the couch for three weeks or more was not ideal for a dietitian who can’t sit still for longer than two minutes.

My fears regarding inactivity and my inability to prep healthy meals made the upcoming surgery significantly more stressful. My husband nobly volunteered to help cook, but he works full time and I am in charge of meal prep and grocery shopping in the house. (And let’s face it, I’m picky).  Like most of us, I do best when I keep healthy foods stocked in the fridge and sweets out of the house.  But if I don’t go grocery shop or prep meals, it’s mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, or mysterious freezer food for dinner. Ugh.

Enter my genius idea: the 21 Day Challenge. Being a dietitian at the PRO Club, I have the pleasure of assisting clients with the 21 Day Challenge regularly. So why not sign up for the challenge myself? I needed healthy meals prepared for me, so the challenge was a perfect fit!

How did it go? I can tell you that I happily ate a variety of fresh food, including some mixed berry pancakes for breakfast, Mediterranean salads, and turkey meatballs (both with squash and coleslaw), all my favorites. I healed quickly and didn’t have to worry about making healthy food while I was recovering from surgery. Besides my husband stealing bites here and there, I enjoyed every mouthful!

Tips for success with the challenge:

Try the meals ahead of time! The meal options for the challenge are listed on the back of the intake form. Browse the options in Bistro grab and go case, and try the meals that are new to you. The challenge will be much easier if you know what you like.

Variety, Variety, Variety!

Think about your eating patterns. For example, I enjoyed having a salad for lunch, and a warm entrée for dinner. It kept the meals changing in both taste and texture.

Pick a meal, any meal!

You don’t need to do the entire 21 Day challenge for the Bistro Cuisine on the Go Meals to help you out in a pinch!

Let us help you ease the burden of meal prep!

Pick a meal that you have difficulty with during the day.

Do you forget to pack lunch for work? Is the line at the work salad bar too busy?

Use Cuisine on the Go meals to fill in these gaps. Pick up a few salads for the week on Monday and bring them to work to use as healthy lunches for the week. If dinners are difficult, bring a few entrees home for the family and heat them when you get home. Let us be your healthy option when you need it!

Written by Andy Miller

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