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February 1, 2016
Get to Know Heather Marsh
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We would love for you to get to know the 20/20 Team and we are starting our series off with an awesome interview with Heather Marsh!

Name and Title: Heather Marsh, 20/20 Lifestyles Manager

How long have you worked with 20/20: 2 years.

What keeps you excited about the program: Updates and improvements! Recently, I have been working on developing two new programs. The Kickstart Programwas reformulated and lengthened and we developed the new 20/20 Monthly Maintenance Program which just started officially today. Also, I have enjoyed working with our IT department to improve the Meal Tracker app. These are just fun projects but I believe in always striving to improve. 

What have you learned from successful clients: Dedication and motivation. It’s very easy to get burnt on our program. Especially when you are signed up for a long one. When I see clients keeping their motivation and dedication throughout and loving every minute of it, I get very inspired.

How do you maintain a healthy weight yourself: I weigh myself every day and look for ways to active in every aspect of life. Just over Christmas, my husband and I were visiting my family and there was a ton of snow where they live. So we decided to go snowshoeing. It also really helps to have a dog and stay active with her. I live by the 90/10 rule. I am good with my nutrition 90% of the time but I love my planned treat on the weekends. Chocolate is my weakness. :)

What new things are you learning that help you with your role: To meet people where they are. Everyone is on a different walk of life. We have learned to remain adaptive to people’s needs.

Is there a story or success that sticks with you: I started off as a personal trainer here with 20/20 and the story that sticks with me forever is my very first 20/20 client back in 2012. I still keep in touch with her and she is maintaining beautifully.

Thank you Heather for sharing with us and leading our fantastic team and helping hundreds of people find success.




Written by Jennifer Martin

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