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February 19, 2016
How to Exercise with a Sprained Ankle
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Does a sprained ankle mean you can’t work out for a while? No, it just means a change in workouts which is a good thing sometimes!

One of the most frustrating and common injuries to battle through with workouts is the mild ankle sprain, trust me I know. The type of sprain we will discuss today is the Grade 1 sprain, which is most common. These sprains are usually healed within two to three weeks and there is little tissue damage and little swelling. With work outs, the key for those three weeks is perform mostly non-weight bearing exercise and do a few simple rehabilitation exercises. As far as exercise goes, I suggest the stationary bike for cardio to take that pressure off the ankle in question. Then for strength training, I would suggest doing machines where you are not standing. Let that ankle heal properly by not putting weight on it and be sure to ice!

Tip: Take a Dixie cup and fill it with water and freeze. Then take it out and tear the top portion of the cup off and boom, you got yourself an ice massage, enjoy! Now be sure to rehabilitate that ankle to be sure these things don’t happen again. The key is communication or proprioception between all the muscle, ligaments, and bone in the ankle. A great exercise for this is stretching your ankle out in every direction (dorsiflexion, plantarflexion, eversion, inversion) so it moves with resistance using a resistance band. Use these tips and your ankle will be back in top shape in no time!

Written by Zack Dzingle

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