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April 20, 2016
Get to Know Diana Davis - The Best Support Team Member
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Name and title (or in her, titles as she is a PRO Club and 20/20 guru): Diana Davis 20/20 Alumni Coordinator, aka, front desk, intake coordinator, assessment team, Personal Trainer, counselor. I started back when I was every single job and we only had one dietitian and six trainers.

How long have you worked with 20/20: I am on my 24th year in 20/20! What keeps you excited about the program:The people! Especially when the light bulb goes on and everything clicks. My passion is people and knowing that I may have played a small part in their success keeps me so excited about the program. Dr. Mark is so cutting edge and we have ALWAYS been ahead of the curve because of his brilliant mind.  He keeps me excited and on my toes at all times.

What have you learned from successful clients: It is two steps forward and one step back. Weight loss is a journey not a race.  Accountability is our friend and the key to success. It takes a village and the clients that I personally feel are the most successful find one.

How do you maintain a healthy weight yourself: I have always and will always struggle with my weight, which is probably why I am so passionate about 20/20. I have learned to call in the troops as needed which means getting a dietitian, having a trainer, etc since they are all a part of my accountability. I also don’t bring temptation into my house. If I want something I have to go buy it and by the time I would want it the urge has passed.

What new things are you learning that help you with your role: That what we do here is a science that is ever changing. We are in a cutting edge field. I learn from every person that walks into my office whether it be a new trainer or a new client or an alumni. No person crosses your path by accident. I learn mostly from listening.

What are some ways you can help clients who visit you? I feel I hold the key to the city as far as knowing when and where. If alumni come talk to me, my gift is to help them get reengaged by listening to what they are not saying.  I feel blessed to know the club so well to know there is not much I can’t help with and if I cannot, I will find the “can.” I can help clients find a great class for them, a trainer, a new part of the gym to visit, supplies for their journey ahead, a fitness buddy, just about anything. Most important, I am here for long term success and want to help clients see their new habits become cement in their life, not just a short term work. If they are struggling, I am here to tell them to keep up the good hard work. Stop by and see me! I am around Monday through Friday, 6 am to 2 pm in the Alumni Resource Center.

Anything else you would like to share with readers: I will go back to “it takes a village” idea as we are all in this together and it is so much easier and more fun to support each other and get to long term success. I don’t think we should ever do anything alone. I hope that our readers know I am here for them and there is nothing we cannot get through together. 

Written by Jennifer Martin

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