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December 1, 2015
Top 5 Tips for Healthier Holidays
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Moderation during the holidays can seem tough. Throw in a trip or two, and the cold weather appetite blues (sometimes it is just hard to eat a salad when it is freezing out), and you’ve got the need for some creativity and planning! With so many events and so many opportunities to celebrate with food, it makes sense to adjust your mindset and your goals. 

Remember to keep an eye on the bigger picture. You do not have to wait until Jan 1 to diet again, yet you don’t have to throw in the towel just because you get busy. 

Here's our five favorite things to do this holiday season to help you keep on track. There may be weeks where you do not lose weight, and that’s okay. Just get right back on your routine when you can and keep with it! 

  1. Donate extra food, and give away your leftovers

It is one thing to have some treats during a party, and something else entirely to eat them for lunch the rest of the week after. Package your leftovers and send them out with your guests to avoid the party treat hangover and temptation.

  1. Stay on track with breakfast, snacks, exercise and steps when you travel

When travelling, focus on what you do have control over, and take advantage! Usually snacks and breakfast are great places to start. Keep them high-protein, satisfying and convenient. Bring extras in case your family steals a few J. Exercise should be a constant, especially if food is really tough. Be active daily and target a higher step count than normal to give your metabolism a boost!

  1. Have a pantry and fridge stocked with extra-convenient, healthy foods

Keep the freezer full of a healthy heat-n-eat meal or two for when you need it (spaghetti squash and turkey meatballs with marinara or stir fry freeze well) after travelling or social events. Keep enough fresh produce on the weekend to make it less tempting to eat at restaurants for convenience.

  1. Know when, where and what you are doing this week for exercise

Plan exactly what your workout routine will look like a week ahead. Plan around trips, social events, weather or a changing work schedule. Be active more days than not (i.e. 4+ days/week) for great health!

  1. Make it official: track it, write it down and/or make a commitment to your 20/20 team, your partner or your friends

We can’t hide from the accountability that tracking provides. Verbalize your goals, let your support system in on them, and keep yourself aware by being honest. Tracking does not have to happen only when you’re ‘good’, it’s especiallylesshelpful when that is the case. Track everything without guilt, and learn from what you see!

As you can see, much of what keeps you healthy during the festive season is related to good planning strategies. Take it one week at a time, and remember that it is okay to be human and not to be perfect. Set realistic goals, in realistic timeframes, and keep them top of mind for great success this year!

What tips would you add?


Written by Erika Brown

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