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November 23, 2015
Stage Down Before and After the Holiday
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Thanksgiving is just days away but making a plan for not only the holiday but the days before and after can help you stay on track with hunger, cravings and weight.

Stepping down your Stage focus to 2 or 4 the Wednesday before and the Friday after Thanksgiving can help you not only balance calories and macronutrients but also balances sodium, cravings, and helps keep your weight on track. It also gives you a safe space with friends and family when they want to offer you all sorts of treats over the long weekend or even as they are preparing the meal in advance. This way you can just say, "No thank you, it's not in my plan today."

Remember that Stage 2 is protein, berries, and vegetables. And Stage 4 takes Stage 2 and adds balanced dairy and fruit. Keeping starchy items like beans, starchy vegetables, and grains just to the holiday alone will help your whole week be balanced but still fun. And this trick works great for any meal or treat off too.

Pairing this trick with good workouts, even on Thanksgiving, is a great way to have an awesome and healthy Holiday Week!

Log onto to see specific meal plans too!

Written by Jennifer Martin

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