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July 29, 2015
A Days’ Worth of Stage 2 Foods
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Worried you will be hungry in stage 2 of the meal plan? You’re not alone! That’s why we created this spread (courtesy of our 21 Day Food Challenge) and put it all in one place – it is one whole day of food in stage two for a female. How does it look to you? Foods like non-starchy vegetables, berries and edamame are very nutrient-dense. This means they have big portions and great nutrition quality for not a lot of calories. It’s hard to believe you can lose weight while eating so much food, but it’s true.

Stage 2 Caption 2020 Lifestyles

Lose 6-14 pounds in 21 days and take the thinking out of weight loss. Want to learn more about the 21 or 28 Day Food Challenge? Contact the Resource Center at (425) 869-4764 or stop by to get started.

Written by Erika Brown

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