June 17, 2015
Quick Mason Jar Ideas On The Go

Ever wonder where you will eat on that day trip, camping or even on a day of running errands? Summer can be a hard time to stay on your weight loss or healthy eating plan with irregular schedules and social occasions.

Mason jars aren’t just for canning but now a portable portion controlled container.  They seal tightly, stack easily and can be chilled or frozen overnight before placing in a portable cooler.

The possibilities are endless and any stage of foods that you are eating on the 20/20 lifestyles plan can be taken in a jar.

Here are a few ideas-

  •  Bake a mini quiche in a jar with egg whites and veggies or simply make your favorite egg white scramble and place in the jar.
  • 20/20 shakes can be blended then frozen or chilled in the jar. The texture won’t be the same as fresh blended but it will be cold and ready to go!
  • Salad in a jar is a favorite trend. Place the dressing in the bottom of the jar then layer diced veggies and protein with the leafy greens on top.  If several people want salads you can simply take some bags of fresh salad greens and put a salad topping in each jar for a salad bar on the go!
  • Caprese salad in a small jar with a layer of mozzarella, tomato and basil
  • Any 20/20 Lifestyles recipe or Bistro item could be place in a jar and chilled such as spaghetti squash and turkey meatballs, chicken salad, egg white salad

Now that your nourishment is ready to go, your tomorrow and whole week ahead will be easier!

Written by Lynne Williams

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