June 25, 2015
Easy Vegetable Spring Rolls

There is a bounty of nutritious and high antioxidant fresh vegetables now, and what better way could there be than having fresh spring rolls or lettuce wraps! They are E-A-S-Y and highly nutritious. 

The fiber and enzymes in raw vegetables aid digestion, give a feeling of satiety and fullness as well as excellent nutrition.

To make spring rolls-

  • Slice or Shred- veggies into very thin strips such as carrots, cucumber, tomato, arugula, green & purple cabbage
  • Prepare Wrapper- submerge wrapper 1 at time in bowl of hot water for 15 sec or until soft. Remove from water and shake off excess then put on a flat cutting board.
  • Layer Vegetables- in the bottom center of the wrapper then fold the bottom of the wrapper over the veggies , fold left and right sides in (like a burrito) the roll up from the bottom to the top of the wrapper, pressing in to seal it.
  • Cut- the rolls in half on a diagonal and serve with a sauce that meets these guidelines: max. 5g each sugar and fat, and 400 mg. sodium per serving. Examples: Stubb’s, Trader Joe’s, Firehouse, Folow Your Heart, Annie’s Naturals, etc.

You can use the same process using a butter lettuce leaf for a veggie lettuce wrap, or roll up a plant based veggie rainbow roll with a Nori wrapper such as Emerald Cove- Organic Pacific Nori. Soyparty also makes very low-calorie wrappers available online and at Uwajimaya.


Written by Lynne Williams

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