May 28, 2015
5 Habits to Cut to Burn Abdominal Fat

A beer belly is a telltale sign in the medical community of higher disease risk. The fat we carry around our middles is the kind we want to avoid to live longer and feel great in our bathing suits this summer. Here are a few things sure to increase your risk of putting on fat around your midsection. Tip: nix these habits if you have ‘em and don’t want a bigger belly!

Nothing puts a damper on a great morning like not being able to button your jeans. If you, like many others, suffer from a tendency to put weight on around your abdomen, take caution with the habits below. There’s a good chance they are adding to your waistline vs. taking away from it:

1. Drinking alcohol
What you likely know: alcohol is a toxin to our bodies. What you may not know: our bodies will prioritize getting rid of alcohol before it uses other sources of energy (i.e. calories we eat). So a drink will cost you double: calories when you drink it and more calories stored while your body processes it. Double whammy!

2. Skipping meals
Going too long without food may seem like a good dieting trick, but it backfires in the harm it can do long-term to our hormones. See this article recently published for more info:

3. Eating all your food from a box (or bag, wrapper or otherwise)
No, I don’t mean protein bars are off the list. But yes, I mean eating all processed foods all the time can add to your belly. Remember the things commonly added to convenience foods: sugar, fat and salt. Those things are also highly palatable (meaning hard to stop eating!) Odds are the calories are higher and nutrition is lower in packaged vs. fresh foods, so use wisely!

4. Sitting too long
Remember the power of steps! Walking and exercise allow your body to burn more, stress less and function more smoothly. Even taking 2 or 3, 5 minute walks a day helps, so get moving!

5. Low produce intake
The fresh, fiber and water-filled fruits & veggies that fill the produce aisles help flatten your belly, not add to it! Eat a variety of types, colors and flavors. If you think you’re not eating enough, you’re probably right. Fill half your plate or more with ‘em!


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Written by Erika Brown



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