April 1, 2015
Choosing a Protein Powder

Protein Powder Guidelines

Shopping for protein powder can involve a lot of label reading and confusion. Here are 4 guidelines to keep in mind when shopping around for an alternative powder to use:

1. Protein Source

  • Whey or casein is ideal

  • If intolerant to whey, try: egg white or soy

  • If vegan and intolerant to soy, try: pea, hemp or rice

2. Sweeteners

  • Avoid sweeteners such as aspartame, acesulfame potassium, sucralose

  • If sweetened, go for natural flavors and/or natural sweeteners such as stevia, truvia

  • Quick tip: unflavored and unsweetened protein powders make great options for cooking! Add to warm sauces, baked goods or the like to boost your protein intake without even noticing!

3. Carbohydrate Content

  • </= 5g carbohydrate per 20g protein is ideal

  • Note: the 20/20 Protein Powder exceeds these guidelines due to its use as the primary carbohydrate source in stages 1-3 of the 20/20 meal plan

4. Fat Content

  • </= 3g fat per 20g protein is ideal


Examples of brands that work: Jay Robb, Optimum Nutrition, MRM, Genisoy, Jarrow Formulas, Quest, NOW, EAS, Tera Organic, Vega, Garden of Life, Natural Factors

Other miscellaneous things to remember: protein powder can be expensive and bulky. As often as you can, try before you buy or purchase smaller single-serving or 1 lb. containers to test the product!

Also, remember all powders are slightly different in their texture, ability to mix with water, sweetness and overall flavor. Be sure to ask your Registered Dietitian (RD) for specific recommendations if any of these items are particularly important to you!

And lastly, remember that there can be other additives to protein powders that may not be desirable or necessary for you. Also ask your RD for specific guidance if you’re concerned about this.

If you are out of state and looking for 20/20 protein powder, shakes, bars, or supplements we have an online store you may access here.


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Written by Erika Brown

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