April 8, 2015
7 Things Successful 20/20 Alum Have in Common

Ever wonder what makes someone successful in 20/20? Want to emulate their success and make it your own? Here are 7 things they have in common:

1.    They stay connected with their PRO Club team

  • To stay accountable, see your dietitian and counselor at least every quarter, if not monthly (MS Premera covers 12 visits every year)
  • See your trainer at least monthly, if not biweekly 
  • See your MD at least biannually, if not quarterly

2.    They keep track of what they eat – in a way that makes sense to them

  • Keeping track of what goes in your mouth can keep you honest and aware
  • Like your phone and data-driven? Online tracking is for you
  • Find technology burdensome and overwhelming? Try paper tracking (writing by hand)
  • Feel overwhelmed with either of the above options? Try taking a quick photo of your food, and review it at the end of the day

3.    They have a specific red light number and plan

  • Knowing exactly how high you feel comfortable allowing the scale to go before you know it’s time to make some changes is extremely important
  • Remember: 5 pounds is always easier to reset than 10, 10 than 20, etc. It’s never too soon or too late!
  • Quick tip when thinking about your ‘red light’ high weight: know 3 things you know you can do if you reach it. That way you don’t feel anxious if it happens – you have a plan!

4.    They have a support system of like-minded people

  • Join the 20/20 Alumni group
  • Find a 20/20 ‘mentor’ (another alumni to buddy with)
  • Make friends with those around you that you want to be like (fake it ‘til you make it!’) 
  • Participate in local triathlon, marathon, half marathon, 5k or other fun races and events

5.    They eat good-for-you foods 80-90% of the time

  • Remember, it’s what you do most of the time that counts.
  • Most meals should have lean proteins, plenty of veggies and a moderate dose of high-fiber carbs and healthy fats
  • Don’t avoid the ‘fun foods’ completely – just remember to have them only 1-2 x / week or <200 calories per day

6.    They forgive and love themselves – no matter what

  • Have an off day or two? Remember you’re human, and it’s OK. It’s part of the process. In 20/20, we like to say it’s what you do the day after – when you ‘recover’ that counts the most
  • Food, exercise and health should feel positive, not like punishment. Again, if this is hard for you, remember to ‘fake it ‘til you believe it’

7.    They find a way to love exercise

  • Not a runner? Find yoga boring? Intimidated by the gym? It’s ok! If you’re not ‘typical’ in your exercise style, embrace it and try atypical ways to get your heart rate up and break a sweat
  • Add things you love (like music, books, etc.) to your exercise. Act like you love it til you do! A successful 20/20 person will be active their entire lives, so they’re bound to want to like what they’re doing!

Which of these 7 traits of successful 20/20 individuals do you excel at? Which do you need to improve upon?


Written by Erika Brown

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