March 18, 2015
5 Foods You Should Be Avoiding

Ever wonder how healthy the foods you're eating really are?

Here are 5 foods that seem healthy enough, but that pack a major punch (and not in a good way!):


1. Snack 'protein' bars: Who ever said you could call a bar a 'protein' bar when it has more than 2x the carbs vs. the protein? It's madness! A good protein bar has ideally 1 : 1 carb : protein ratio. Even a 1.5 : 1 ratio is great (i.e. 20g carb and 15g protein). At mininum, look for a 2 : 1 ratio (i.e. 20g carb 10g protein) but know even with these, you can shop around


2. Coconut water: If you're an endurance athlete, or working in high heat conditions, this can be a good choice. But most of us aren't training for the summer Olympics and we live in WA, so chances are good ol' h20 can do the trick. Really looking for some electrolytes? Bananas, tomatoes, citrus fruits and Nuun tablets can be great places to start


3. Sausage: Sure, we all know regular ol' sausage has it's flaws (fat, saturated fat, sodium - the list goes on!) But watch out for the seemingly leaner choices that can still pack on more fat than you'd think (check out Aidell's Chicken & Apple sausage). Look for <3g fat per 7g protein


4. Flavored high protein yogurt: Some options can be horrific in added sugar! Look for 1 : 1 ratio for protein : carb (more carb than that, shop around!). An even better choice? Plain, add your own fruit!


5. Cereal: Eek! Sugar alert. OK, you may have also already known that (you're smart!) but it still helps to give a friendly reminder that cold, hot and every type of cereal between can be very highly sweet. Check for at most (try and get MUCH less!) 9g sugar per 100 calories, and at LEAST 3g fiber per serving as well!


What foods do you think are parading as healthier than they really are? Share here!

If you missed our blog about the 10 foods you should be eating you may find it here. 

Written by Erika Brown

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