February 18, 2015
5 Minute Dinner Fix

In case of dinner emergency? Frozen meals to the rescue!

Yes, you're right. You shouldn't eat dinners from a box all the time.

But, yes, you're also right to remember that sometimes life gets in the way, and just having some dinner vs. none is an accomplishment!

When life gets hectic here are a few frozen meals that have at least 20 grams of protein each:


- Lean Cuisine

  1. Chicken Carbonara

  2. Garlic Chicken 


- Artisan Bistro

   1. Ginger Chicken

   2. Alaskan Salmon Cake

   3. Chicken Citron

   4. Savory Turkey


- Kashi

   1. Chicken Florentine


- Smart Ones

   1. Chicken Carbonara

   2. Chicken Fettucini

   3. Chicken Mesquite

   4. Chicken Parmesan


When shopping for a frozen meal, check that you are meeting your calorie targets (generally ~300 for a meal in total), that it has vegetables (adding extra on the side is always a good idea), that it isn't astronomically high in sodium (goal <800 mg) and that it is whole grain (if available) for your best choices.


Remember, your own homemade food is always best. However, keeping a few of these and steamer veggies in your freezer may save you in case of dinner (or lunch!) emergency, and keep you satiated. Not a bad place to start!

Written by Erika Brown

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