January 23, 2015
Are you in "Maintenance" mode?

Maintenance is defined as the process of keeping something in good condition. A lot of times we think of the maintenance work we do to keep our car running well and relate it do our bodies.  The only difference between our cars and our bodies is that no matter how well we take care of the car, it will always be depreciating.  Our bodies are amazingly complex machines with unlimited progressions. Through exercise, we are able to do much more than simply maintain our health status. We are able to reverse time and fell like we are in our 20’s when our true age is much older.  By always striving for improvements we are able to obtain our ultimate health.

Imagine you have accomplished your first goal of losing 20 lbs. yet you still have another 5 lb. to go to reach your final weight lost goal.  You don’t just maintain the 20 lb. weight lost. No way! You think to yourself, “I have worked so hard to settle for only 20 lb. when I am so close to the final goal.”  You continue your hard work to drop those next 5 lbs. 

So let me ask you this: once you have reached your ultimate weight loss goal do you simply maintain your current weight and be in “maintenance mode?”  I sure hope not.  I hope you are able to continue to strive to improve your health by setting new and different goals toward your health.

Honestly, from my personal and professional experience there is no such thing as “maintenance mode.”  There are so many different events in life that can cause us to say “I had a setback,” whether it was an injury (like in my case) or a family crisis, or financial hardship.  These setbacks may cause our bodies to become something we never hoped for, weight gain, lack of strength, etc. We tend to think this “setback” causes to get off track, when really we are still on track just a step back from where we were prior. 

The beauty of this is it still allows us to move forward toward our goals. Many times when we have achieved a goal, say a weight loss goal, we are horrified of going back to where we once where. If you only think of the past, you allow the past to intimidate you and threaten your current health status as if it wants to rob it.  Once these crazy life events happen, the past comes in and steals our health overnight.  One morning we wake up not knowing what had happened.  Always having a health goal will help keep you focused and striving for something better.  A goal puts the past in the grave and gives you the freedom to live your new life with your new body.

Through each goal there is a transformation causing the old habits to die.  There will be transformation with each new goal improving our health.  Instead of thinking of being in “maintenance mode” think of different goals you can set, and continue to strive towards. With these new goals, whether it is to climb a mountain, run a triathlon race, dead lift your bodyweight, or simply exercise continuously without pain, you have set yourself up for success by looking forward verses looking back and hoping you “maintain.”

I often think of the saying, “Why settle for good when excellent is better?” Why settle for a good weight loss goal, when you have a new body, and are able to enjoy so many other things through the process of setting bigger and better goals?

Written by Anna Willard

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