January 26, 2015
12th Man Approved Super Bowl Bites & Advice – Part 2

Continuing our discussion from the “12th Man Approved Bites and Advice – Part I”, the Super Bowl ranks as the 2nd most caloric day for Americans, right behind Thanksgiving. To help you break out of the same old behaviors, below are some additional recommendations for staying on track with your goals for healthier living. 

7. Unleash your inner Pop Star. Katy Perry will be performing at this year’s Half Time show. Love her or hate her, her music is downright dance worthy. Get down, bust a move, and burning some serious calories while dancing throughout her performance.

8. Host a Seattle themed party. We are so fortunate in the Pacific Northwest to have access to a wide variety of fresh and healthy seafood, a lean protein that will keep you and your guests satiated for hours. Forgo the wings and pizza and serve a platter of Jumbo Shrimp cocktail, Cedar Plank roasted Salmon, Sicilian Seafood Salad or Rice-Less Ahi Tuna Sushi rolls

9. Make a Strategic Game Plan. Just as the Seahawks practice plays and carry them out in their games, do the same with your intentions to stay on plan with your eating habits. Before going into the party, be sure to have a balanced snack so you don’t arrive ravenous setting yourself up to potentially overeat. Have a plan in place to commit to eating lean proteins, non-starchy vegetables, and limiting your intake of caloric beverages and higher fat fare.

10. Jump like Bam Bam Kam. Remember when Kam Chancellor leaped practically 12 feet in the air over the defensive line in the Panthers divisional game to prevent a field goal? Well be like Bam Bam! Make the game into your own little cardio session. For every 1st down, do 10 jumping jacks. Touchdown? Perform 10 burpees.  On each field goal, do 10 jump squats. Keep up it during the commercials as well! Put your own rules into place such as for every car commercial, perform 10 tricep dips off the edge of your couch or 10 crunches during junk food ads.

11. Don’t Get Caught Under Reporting. So the Big Game rivals, the New England Patriots, got caught cheating by underinflating their footballs in the AFC Championship game. With meal tracking, be honest with yourself and enter in how much you actually ate. By underreporting what you truly consumed, you’ll only be cheating yourself and your weight loss goals. Even if you end up over-eating your calories for the day, the data is there to help guide you and get you right back on track the next day. 

12. Championship Mindset – Take a page out of the Seahawks playbook. They are founded on the principle that a positive mindset is an important key to their team’s continued success.  Get into the mindset of greatness in your goals for healthy eating and physical fitness. 

One last note to keep things in mind - even after the game and party is over. A study conducted by Psychological Science found significantly higher intake of saturated fat and calorie intake in the city of the losing NFL team on the following Monday after a Sunday loss.  To reduce the letdown of a sports team’s defeat, bring to mind other valuable aspects in your life to put the sports loss into perspective. This will help reduce disheartened feelings and the amount of comfort food you crave.

Win or lose, the Seahawks are a down right fantastic team and proud 12s everywhere know there will be more championships in their future. It’s been a thrilling season and we will continue to root for the home team every time. So have fun, Be Loud, and GO HAWKS!

Written by Sarah Lawson

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