January 8, 2015
Why Your New Year's Resolution Shouldn't Be Weight Loss

What's the first thing you think of when I say 'New Year'?

Weight loss?


Chances are you, or someone in your immediate social scene, has made it their resolution to lose weight this year. That's great, except when you think about how many times you've tried to do that before and not succeeded. Which is why I want to be crystal clear in saying it's not that you shouldn't aim to lose weight. I just want you to think about it a little differently.


Not succeeding at meeting a goal doesn't mean you failed the goal or the plan, it means it failed you.


Here are a few resolutions that will help you lose weight. They can help you finally fit into those skinny jeans, that little black dress or fancy suit you've been dying to wear again.


Focus on one or more of these healthy habits and you'll be moving onto a new resolution for 2016 no problem!


In 2015, I will eat dinner at home at least 4 nights each week


...I will fill half my plate with salad  or other vegetables


...I will eat breakfast within 90 minutes of waking


...I will drink no more than 2 calorie-dense drinks a week


The list could go on!


A final thought to leave you with: pick a goal to work on at a time. Give yourself a few weeks to work on that goal. Once you feel solid in it, add on. Nothing makes change feel harder than anxiety, fear or just plain lack of time to commit. So set the bar at an appropriate height, then add on.


Not eating all your calories at night, staying active, not drinking alcohol regularly, eating low-calorie and high-nutrition foods like veggies and fruit, plus eating more at home than at a restaurant are all very helpful habits to maintaining a healthy weight. But they're not the only ways.

Think about why you are eating more calories than you should to lose weight, and how you can rework that.


Have a healthy, happy and memorable 2015!

Written by Erika Brown

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